About Us

“The Realtor you choose determines the outcome you get”

Rick Couvelier

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Rick has called Victoria home for most of his life, giving him a unique perspective and insight into what life is like living on the Island.

This insight is reinforced by Rick’s work as a real estate consultant, through which he prides himself on his knowledge and customer service.

Having worked in real estate for over 40 years, winning numerous awards including the Victoria Real Estate Board’s Presidents Award (10 times, from 1996-2005), the VREB’s MLS Gold Award (from 1996-2016), and the DFH Real Estate’s Realtor of the Year (2008 and 2009), he has a proven track record and understanding of the industry.

Unlike a lot of his competitors, this knowledge is well rounded, covering not only real estate, but also building inspection, construction, and development. He trained as an appraiser/inspector with Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation, and later became a trainer of building inspectors. He established Victoria’s first full-time home inspection service, Sherlock Home Inspection Service. It is estimated he has inspected more than 7,000 buildings, including all of the BC Government owned Vancouver Island Heritage Houses.

Over his long and storied career, he has amassed a tremendous portfolio of work, including lecturing on real estate at the University of Victoria, helping to design BC's original New Home Warranty Program, serving as Vice President and Panel Chairperson of the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association, as well as regional President of the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada.

He is also an author of several published articles on real estate topics.

Kerry Couvelier PREC*

Born and raised in Victoria, Kerry has inherited much of her passion and knowledge from her father, Rick. Working alongside him, she brings an unmatched dedication, commitment, and skill that have impressed customers.

These customers can’t help but be won over by her passion and friendly demeanour, always quick with a smile and a kind word. Don’t let that distract you from her skill as a negotiator though. Home Staging accredited, she can always be relied on to get the best price for her clients.

Kerry's Background

  • Kerry was born & raised on Vancouver Island
  • After pursuing a nursing degree, Kerry ran group homes for adults with disabilities as she acquired her Business Administration certification
  • Over the last 15 years, Kerry has helped more than 1,000 buyers and sellers.
  • Each year Kerry takes courses and acquires additional accreditation to keep her at the top of her profession.
  • For more than 10 years Kerry has been helping our sellers stage their properties so the properties don’t sit on the market and so the properties attract the very best prices
  • Clients find Kerry’s renovation, construction and development experience helpful: she knows what looks best, what things cost and knows tradesmen known for quality work at reasonable prices: tradesmen who actually show up!
  • Over the years Kerry and her husband have bought derelict properties and fixed them up, bought condemned properties, torn them down, zoned and developed the land and built new attractive houses on them. The neighbours love it when Kerry and her husband contribute to sprucing up a neighbourhood.
  • Kerry loves what she does and it shows

*Personal Real Estate Corporation

Mel Lochhead (Assistant)

Mel is a former luxury travel guide - turned entrepreneur, with a passion for people, great customer service and efficient systems. Like many people, she had to pivot when the world turned upside down in 2020, and found herself transitioning from nomad to homebody, cyclist to administrator. She has enjoyed real estate administration for 3 years now, and has started her own virtual assisting company. 

Fun facts about Mel:

  • She has managed a variety of comapnies and industries, from coffee shops and retail stores, to dolphin swiming companies and luxury cycling tours.
  • She is one of those strange people that enjoys creating calm out of chaos and putting together puzzles of business operations and processes.
  • She grew up in the Rocky Mountains, and has lived in over 10 cities across Canada, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Croatia. 
  • Her father started a construction company when she was little, and is now one of the most saught-after custom net-zero home builders in BC.
  • One of Mel's favourite activities is driving through new neighbourhoods and looking at houses. She has considered inventing a sticky note that she can leave on peoples doors, with notes on things she loves about their home.