Is your in-ground oil tank really inert?

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Homeowners who thought their in-ground oil tank was ‘rendered inert’, a process that involves emptying, checking, cleaning, inspecting and then filling the tank with sand and backfilling over are disappointed to now find they have contaminated soils they are responsible for remediating.

Wittich Envornmental Services Ltd. of Victoria is finding that approximately 95% of the in ground oil tank ‘nests’ they scan have contaminated soils requiring remediation. These ‘nests’ are the cavities these tanks were placed in. The tanks are referred to as Underground Fuel Storage Tanks or UST’s.

For approximately $304.50, Whittich will use their non-intrusive remote sensing technology to prepare a certified and insured property scan report. Nowadays some lenders are requiring these reports so sellers and buyers may find they will need to have a GPR scan done before a sale can be consummated.