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Throughout the year, Rick lectures at popular free real estate seminars. His Victoria seminars are typically held at the University of Victoria or online via Zoom for those without a REALTOR®.

2022 Tax Assessment Tips & Traps - Zoom Seminar

Saturday January 8, 2022 (10:00am - 11:30am)

• How much will your taxes go up? • Why are some properties worth less than Assessed Value? • Why your appeal may backfire? • Why some owners ask for assessment increase? • Why some ask for a decrease? • How buyers use assessed value when they make an offer? • What is the difference between Assessed Value, Appraised Value and Market Value? • Why do some properties that are superior to yours have lower taxes? • Will you be able to sell for more or less than assessed value? • Easy way to find the current market value of your property • Is deferring property taxes a good idea? These and other topics will be covered in the free ZOOM seminar, Assessment Tips & Traps being held Saturday, Jan. 16 at 10:00am. Watch from the safety and comfort of your own home. This seminar is a ‘must-watch’ before the January 31 appeal deadline. This course is packed with timely information. Invite A friend or relative! It’s free. Register